Policy developments

In the last week there have been a number of discussions about the development of policies in the following areas.

Learning Support
Skills for Life

Christine Wilson is leading on the development of these policies, and in discussion with the Curriculum Managers a number of key questions have emerged, some of which are as follows:

How do we make 'key skills' more central to the full-time student's experience?
How can we extend learning support to part-time students in a cost-effective manner?
How do we address the development of students' ICT skills?

There are many other issues we need to resolve in order to build on our existing achievements. In the next few weeks these issues will be discussed at both faculty and course level, but if you have thoughts on the matters at hand please do not hesitate to contact either Christine or myself.



Digby said...

Integrating key skills into the actual units of each course is surely a more relevant and beneficial approach for the students. Putting the learning in context has always helped me!!

Erma said...

Interesting to know.