Supported self improvement - the next steps

In a previous post I commented on the excellent work in the faculties of Guidance and Support and Professional Studies. Nevertheless, there are always areas where further work is required to reach a consistent level of excellence across the college as whole . These include:

1 The need to continually monitor attendance and ensure the screen-based registers are accurate
2 The further development of the good work on course reviews and action planning
3 The incorporation of MIS data to improve target-setting for students
4 The demonstration of the impact of learner support on student achievement
5 The sharing of good practice across the college as a whole
6 The need to reflect on what it is like to be an adult learner here at Highlands

Much of what needs to be done has good foundations on which to build. In the next few weeks, I will be looking for opportunities for you to join me to help push forward the work of the College in these areas. Imagine the satisfaction you will get from this work as it impacts upon the student experience and helps transform lives.

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Jane said...

A useful thought about statisitics (courtesy of the JEP this week):
Statisitics are like a bikini---- the idea is to reveal enough to be interesting, whilst carefully concealing anything vital!