Solution Focus Working

At our staff meeting on Friday 27 April we used elements of an approach called SolutionCircle. Of the 31 staff who responded to the evaluation, 27 of you wanted to know more about the Solution Focus working.

There are a number of books which provide insight into Solutions Focus approach. The best starting point is Paul Z Jackson and Mark McKergow's The Solutions Focus : Making coaching and change simple ( the second edition was only published just before Christmas last year). The oskar model of coaching which is incorporated in the book, has been used in small research project on lecturer effectiveness.

Daniel Meier's book Team Coaching with the SolutionCircle is more designed for work with groups, and has a number of separate elements

Preparing the ground
Expectations and goals
Hot Topics
Future Perfect
Scaling dance
Personal Mission

Certainly, from my own personal experience the solutions focus approach and process has allowed me to focus on solutions, rather then getting too hung up on the 'black cloud' associated with problems.

We intended to do provide opportunities for the academic staff to be trained in the use of the OSKAR model of coaching as part of the College's CPD programme for next term. So watch out for more information.


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