Themes for the coming year

At this time of year, themes are beginning to emerge which will inform our work in the coming year. It would seem there are three or four themes which will become more and more important as the year progresses, and these would appear to be as follows:

employer engagement - making sure we work with employers to ensure we are offering the courses and curriculum they want

maintaining and developing professional knowledge and expertise - all of us need to work hard to ensure we maintain our knowledge base, and we will need to ensure we visit both employers and UK colleges to do this.

literacy, numeracy and IT skills - this appears to underpin most of the difficulties students have in trying to be successful, we'll need to make sure we make more progress in developing our own teaching skills in all three of these areas.

This is an exciting agenda, and provides plenty of opportunity to do interesting and stimulating work, indeed work which will make a difference to individuals and the Island as a whole.

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